Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking Agency

Growth hacking is the latest trend in the digital industry that allows you to have a peek at the future of your business using analytical tools. Technically, growth hacking refers to the strategies implemented by a company for optimum growth, which means it can benefit both startups as well as established players.

The prime goal of growth hacking agency is to acquire as many prospective customers as possible while investing as small amount as possible. Growth hackers at Radical Infotech focus solely on deriving creative and instinctive low-cost strategies for our clients, so that they can lure in potential customers in no time as well as retain their regular customers acceptably. Our experts theorize, compute, analyze, and test innovative approaches for the most favorable growth of our clients’ business. In short, we work to put the best growth policies forward, identify the right channels for customer acquisition and retention, and measure success rate to scale maximum growth.

The Benefits of Growth Hacking

The mantra for optimal business growth revolves around “acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue”. Aside from that, brand awareness and digital marketing are also key elements to optimize the growth of a business. In any case, any strategy meant to benefit the company would include attracting more consumers to the business, turning those leads into actual customers, and then manage them as contented patrons.

Growth Hacking Agency
Growth Hacking Agency

Assured return on investment

As growth hacking agency uses analytical data to learn the past behaviors of customers and the reach of your products or services, every decision for the future is based on that info meticulously. When you are implementing practical strategies for better business growth, you can easily track which of them are working in your favor and let go of the non-productive ones.

Low costs on the resources

Growth hacking works to make use of whatever resources your business has and then turn it to your maximum benefit. As the planning and strategizing here are focused on low resource usage, growth hacking process does not entail any additional costs as what is usually seen with other marketing and advertising methodologies.

Boost your strengths

Growth hacking agency can help to leverage your existing strengths and ideas for better profits rather than finding ways to spend more on the marketing efforts. The concept works on playing to your strengths and using the already available resources to yield maximum business growth. Besides, you can always come up with new ideas to include in the mix and see how that pans out practically for your benefit.

Growth Hacking Services by Radical Infotech

As the digital industry has become more like a battleground for marketers these days, employing the right models and strategies is essential to have a confident advantage over your competitors. Radical Infotech understands that a conventional approach to market a business no longer works in favor of the company, which is why our experts devise innovative and proficient tactics to help our clients. For growth hacking, we usually focus on the below different aspects to figure out what works best for your business.

  • Content marketing; starting a blog and creating resourceful and shareable content
  • Guest blogging and creating content for social media
  • Planning webinars, promotional contests, and giveaways
  • Influencer marketing and getting other bloggers to review your products or services
  • Email marketing to stay connected to current customers as well as to generate new leads
  • Listing the business in relevant marketplaces and yellow pages
  • Making the product or service you are offering more appealing to end users
  • Implementing invite-only signup and rewards systems for referrals
  • Using affiliate marketing to boost business visibility and brand awareness
  • Advertising on social media or using Pay Per Click approaches to promote the business

A careful, structured route is key to making the most of any growth hacking strategy effectively. No matter whether you are a startup or a legacy business, the team of professionals at Radical Infotech will make sure that your ideas are incorporated and customized to develop a successful growth strategy and bear the fruits as you expected.

Perfect your Offering

When you analyze what your target consumers need and prefer, you can easily put that data into use for bettering your products/services. In other words, growth hacking can help in perfecting your business for maximum company-customer benefit. You can also use the analytical data to adjust and adapt as required.

Set Practical Goals

With the help of our growth hackers, you can easily set accurate goals to track the strategies and act accordingly. This allows you to keep your focus on the growth of the business as well as test and update the approach to stay on track with your practical goals.

Growth Hacking Agency

Track your Plans

Growth hacking often works with experimentation and creativity, but you can always track how the plans are working in favor of your business growth. Testing and tracking at regular intervals also allow you to come up with the best combinations to improve and optimize the plans for maximum growth.

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