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Web Development


We live in a hi-tech era where it has become mandatory for all businesses to upgrade their strategies and techniques to be competitive in the marketplace. Relying on traditional sales and marketing approaches alone is extremely risky these days to create or manage a good customer base. The move to digital advancement has made it essential for all businesses to have an online presence, so that they can cater to the demands of their customers in the most efficient manner. Apparently, creating a motivating website for your business is the best way to do that.

Starting a business website from scratch might not be enough though; as your goal is to stay ahead in the game, you would need the services of a reliable and professional web development company for that. It is said that a business website can tell a lot about the company, so you will not want to compromise on the quality and functionality of your website to lose potential customers. Instead, you should hire the best web development services provider to manage all your website related requirements proficiently and skillfully.


Radical Infotech can be your perfect one-stop shop for all your web development needs. Customer satisfaction is our motto – we focus on offering the best solutions for our clients so that they get what they are paying for. We use comprehensive coding and the latest tools and technologies to deliver to the contentment of our clients. We assure:

  • A highly versatile and fully functional website to have a solid online presence
  • Quality web applications for better interaction with site visitors
  • The best web development solutions that your business needs
  • Smart architecture for high productivity and scalability
  • Seamless communication with the team throughout the website development process 

We Have Perfect Solution For:

Front-End Development

What’s that: This refers to what the end user sees on your website such as the design, layout, content, graphical representations, etc. In a nutshell, this means creating a highly competent website that leaves a strong first impression on the visitor. 

How we help: The key to building a quality website here is how user-friendly the website is and how convenient it is for the visitors to navigate across the website and its different pages. The proficient web development team at Radical Infotech can build highly functional and interactive websites with an excellent user-friendly interface that allows smooth navigation for the user throughout the web pages. We also make sure that the web design and content is mobile-friendly and responsive to be accessed on any device.

  • We create highly functional and interactive websites 
  • We assert on smooth navigation for the site visitors 
  • We make it all mobile-friendly and responsive
technologies we use

Back-End Development

What’s that: This refers to how scripts and coding work behind the scenes to generate a user-friendly and interactive website for the end user to see and navigate. In other terms, this is the platform, on which the website’s core functionalities are based.

How we help: Back-end scripts can be written in numerous frameworks and different coding languages such as PHP, Laravel,  Java, Node.js, Python, etc., to motivate the visitors in taking the desired action. Radical Infotech employees a team of skillful experts who are experienced in all such coding languages and frameworks to come up with a comprehensible and functional website. This in turn makes sure that the website visitors get to different pages much easily and find what they were looking for.

  • We assure a comprehensible and functional website
  • We can work with any coding language or framework
  • We build engaging and interactive interface
Technologies We Use​:

CMS website development

What’s that: This refers to the deployment of pre built web development solutions to save time and money. With custom open source development services and content management solutions, you can have a website built very quickly, while having the natural flexibility to satisfy the demands of your customers. 

How we help: Radical Infotech can build your business website on popular content management platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Our team of experts can also customize the different features and functions of all these content publishing frameworks as per your requirements. That way, you can have a well-designed and fully functional website in no time. 

  • We can work on all popular content management platforms
  • We customize the features and functions as per your needs
  • We guarantee a well-designed and fully functional website
Technologies We Use​:

Custom Web Development

What’s that: This refers to having a completely customized website with all the web apps and solutions needed for the exponential growth of your business. In other words, you can include all the practical details on the website that could win the game for you.

How we help: The professional web developers at Radical Infotech can execute any custom web development project with 100% accuracy, which makes sure that all your requirements are met productively. Our team employs cutting-edge tools and technologies to customize any aspect of the website as per your needs, be it at the server side or the client side, to develop a fully functional and highly dynamic website.

  • We can develop a fully functional and highly dynamic website from scratch
  • We use cutting-edge tools and technologies to meet your demands
  • We reassure 100% accuracy for all custom web development projects

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